Every year, thousands of students visit the forested campus of IIT Madras to take part in the annual institute festival, Shaastra. Over the last few years, the IIT Madras Symposium has joined the ranks of the multitude of technical events that take place of those few days on campus. The Symposium looks to act as a platform for students to meet and discuss issues of social relevance today. Through the Symposium, they get the opportunity to meet and interact with various industry stalwarts, get mentored by leaders in the respective fields and enrich their knowledge of the topics at hand.


This year, the Symposium 2013 is centred on the theme ‘Education and Governance’ dealing with two areas of national importance today. Participants will focus on the debates of quality in education, access to education and the multicultural component involved. All discussion will be influenced by the impact of good governance and the possibility of improving the educational governance today.


Participants will be chosen through a rigorous selection process and be allotted teams. These teams will present their observations and findings to an eminent panel of judges at the end of the three day event. The best presentations will be awarded by IIT Madras Symposium 2013. Welcome to IIT Madras Symposium 2013. Welcome to three days of unadulterated learning.